Cat Care / In Home Pet Sitting


Loving Paws of Clermont provides In Home Pet/Cat Sitting Services that is professional, reliable and dependable. Each visit includes feeding, potty break/walks, litter care, fresh water, TLC, basic home care and pictures sent to the owners after each visit. 

Pet care services run daily from 8am-5pm (upon availability) 


We can provide full overnight stays for your pets, which will run from 7pm until 7am the next morning and includes: Dinner and morning feedings, potty breaks/walks, water, litter care, TLC, play time, basic home care and picture update after each visit.

Why use a Pet Sitter?

Advantages for the pet include:

* Your pet remains in its familiar, secure environment, where all the sights, smells and sounds are familiar.

* Your pet follows its customary diet and exercise routine. 

* Your pet is not traumatized by travel in a vehicle. 

* Your pet is not exposed to illness of other animals. 

* Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.

Benefits for the owner include some of the following:

* You are not inconvenienced (or traumatized) by transporting your pet. 

* You do not have to impose upon a friend, neighbor or relative. 

* Your home is looked after as we can provide and include some crime-deterrent services. 

* You can leave home worry-free, knowing your pet is in good hands. 

* You can return home at any hour of the day and find your healthy, happy pet eagerly awaiting your return. 

We will discuss in detail your pet(s) routines and provide plenty of TLC during each scheduled visit.

Loving Paws Of Clermont (Loving Paws, LLC)

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