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Meet Our Team

That makes Loving Paws the gold-standard for in-home pet care.




Anxious when her humans were away, she lobbied for in-home care instead of boarding elsewhere. Her humans saw the astonishing difference in her behavior, and knew others like her and her humans would benefit from such care. 

IMG_1260 2.jpg

Brianne Hamilton

Pet Sitter/Owner

I am a member in good standing of PetSitters International. I have vet tech, kennel, and doggy daycare experience. I have been involved with animal rescue for over 20 years, and currently foster for South Lake Animal League and the Lake County Animal Shelter. I am experienced with the care of birds, reptiles, exotics (lemurs, marmosets, deer, raccoonsprairie dogs, skunks, opossums), and farm animals (pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, horses, cows).



Customer service

Happy? Let us know, and we can wag our tails together! Unhappy? Let us know, and I will ensure we make it right! 



Office Manager

Got his job because he is the owner's grandson. We deal with him so you don't have to. Orders paper clips just to spill them all on the floor. Eats plastic to the detriment of his bowels. #GrumpyPantsCat



Services Consultant

Even we are not sure what she does on a daily basis, but she's close to retirement. She can keep her pension because we love her.

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